Prof Dr Nikola Atanassov (1955-2020) was one of the key figures of the psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic movement in Bulgaria. He was one of the founders and first presidents of the Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Society, of the Masters programme in Clinical Psychology - Psychoanalytic Perspective in the New Bulgarian University, former president of the Bulgarian Association for Psychotherapy, a training and supervising analyst who was fully devoted to the clinical practice and the organisational and scientific life of the analytic community as well as a close colleague, mentor and collaborator of so many. This web page is devoted to his life and work.
Ass. Prof. Nikola Atanassov

“Psychoanalytic Theories of Human Development”, fourth edition

The fourth edition of the monograph “Psychoanalytic Theories of Human Development” by Nikola Atanassov was published by the New Bulgarian University Press. The book is now available online and in bookstores.

(Български) Публикувано в Events.

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